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Whatever your needs, our team of technical advisors and mechanics is committed to providing you with the same professional and attentive service that made our reputation in the Lévis region. We have been proud to meet the automotive needs of Honda owners since 1986, and we look forward to continuing our mission of providing you with superior products and services.

Our Honda garage in Lévis is your mega service center for:

  • The mechanical maintenance of your Honda
  • Any service required on a hybrid vehicle
  • Replacing a windshield
  • Your annual rustproofing treatment
  • Tires storage
  • Original Honda parts and accessories
  • The aesthetic maintenance of your vehicle
  • Your aesthetic and body work

GREEN KEY Certification Gold

As a CLÉ VERTE service center, Lévis Honda is enrolled in a program for maximum recovery of used oil, oil filters, cardboard, paper, plastics and metals. In addition, we recover your used tires and batteries free of charge.

To order Honda parts or accessories in Lévis, or simply to inquire about our inventory, contact us directly at 1-877-836-3200.

We have a wide selection of inventory products for all Honda models, including older Honda models and models that are no longer sold in Canada. For your repairs, go for new Honda original Parts, or ask about our quality remanufactured auto parts to save money.

Customize your Honda with our range of high performance accessories. See our on-site list of accessories and photos of indoor and outdoor equipment for your vehicle.

Your security

Are your tires safe? Our team is here to advise you on tires. It is important for us to offer you the best tires at the best price, according to your needs. We offer a wide selection of competitively priced winter and summer tires and top brands, including Michelin, Yokohama, Bridgestone, Toyo and GT Radial.

Do not open your hood to strangers!



Would you like for your Honda to have the best aesthetic treatment at your Honda in Lévis? Let our technicians give a new look to your Honda car! To maximize your investment, it is best to protect your vehicle properly. The harsh conditions of our winters (calcium, salt) makes it hard! Beyond the simple car wash, we recommend a paint protection treatment at least twice a year to maintain the original luster of your car.

Shining and polishing your car with professional quality products is also a great way to shine your car and get better resale value when the time comes. We offer very competitive prices, especially on the rustproofing and hand washing of your car. Take advantage of the free estimate of our aesthetic center! You can also contact us online to find out more about our services.

Our auto styling services include:

  • Full interior and exterior wash
  • Washing the underside of the bodywork
  • Rustproof
  • Motor shampoo
  • Ozone treatment (eliminates bad odors)
  • Tissue repair
  • Paint Repair (FLR)
  • Windshield repair
  • Aquapel windshield treatment-Seasonal packages

Our team receives annual training from the CFEAQ (Quebec Automotive Design Center) in order to always use the latest technologies, the very ones that will bring new life to your vehicle.

Watch out for our aesthetic promotions so you do not miss our specials! For more information on our Honda Aesthetics Services, contact us online or by phone at 1-877-836-3200.

CarrXpert auto body shop in Lévis for bodywork repairs on your Honda vehicle or any other brand. Our body shop and aesthetic uses the AutoWatch system, which allows you to easily follow the repair process and also speeds up the processing of insurance claims.

In addition, we offer a temporary vehicle to make traveling easier while your vehicle is at our auto body center.

Do not hesitate to contact us online or by phone at 1-877-836-3200. for more information on our Honda auto bodywork services in Lévis.

The best deal for you

At VitrXpert, in addition to taking advantage of our experts in windshield and car window change, we offer you the best deal on windshields!

  • Come visit us to discover the best offer on the market
  • We give you a gift credit
  • We offer free lifetime repair on all your future repairs
  • Our parts are from DOT origins, OEM
  • Our facilities are guaranteed and are certified